How to buy and pay?

Direct bank transfer:


You can send money directly to our billing account:

 Recipient name – TOMAS  ALEKSONIS,

 Account number – LT557300010118263891,

 Bank – Swedbank AB,

Bank code – 73000.



 Advance payment via Paysera:


If you choose to pay in advance through Paysera, the following payment methods are available:


1. Electronic banking




     Danske Bank

     Šiaulių bankas

     Medicinos bankas


     LKU (Lithuanian Credit Union)


2. E-money




3. Other payment systems (in cash)

     Lithuanian Post/ Paypost

     Pearl services

     Payment by cash in the bank

      International payment in Euro


Payment method in case of selecting cash on delivery:

There is a possibility to pay in cash when the courier arrives. You just need to choose the service "Courier with cash pick-up".

Note: if you choose this option, you will still receive an email with payment details.