778 Brass earrings "Horseshoes"
  • 778 Brass earrings "Horseshoes"

778 Brass earrings "Horseshoes"

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Earring length - 16 mm, width - 13 mm.

Clasp type - english.

The superstition that a horseshoe brings good fortune appeared around the thirteenth century.

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The superstition that a horseshoe brings good fortune, appeared around the thirteenth century. Medieval man who lifted up horseshoe from the mud felt really happy - after all he had found object  that was made of, at those times very expensive material - iron. Later, when the horseshoe was not as rare and expensive, it still retained its magical aura. In the horseshoe was embodied respect for the blacksmith and the horse.

Legend has it that the English bishop Saint Dunstan while traveling met a strange creature. It asked the bishop for a help: to nail on its leg fallen horseshoe. When he saw hooves instead of feet, a servant of the church understood what he met. Priest grabbed the iron horseshoe and nailed devil to the wall of the house with it. Scared devil tried to escape, but failing to do this he began to beg for mercy. Priest freed the devil but he had to promise not to ever set foot in the house protected by a horseshoe.