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Silver spoon with Zircon Ag 925 [SS03] [stalo įrankis]

49,00 €

Sterling Silver 925,

Elegant silver spoon.

It can be used to feed a small child. Also suitable for small cups.

Weight: 12.5 g.
Jewel: Zircon(synthetic)
Length: 120 mm,
Width: 23 mm.

With Lithuanian Assay Office marks and producers responsibility mark.

Dėžutė: Nepasirinkta

In ancient Egypt silver plates were put on the wound so they would heal faster. In many nations new wells were blessed by throwing silver coins in them because silver kills germs. Water purified with silver does not spoil. The researchers found that silver can kill 650 kinds of bacteria but do not damages organisms microflora. Discovering these unique silver properties started production of water filters with silver ions. Perhaps in the future we will discover some new magical powers of the silver but for now it is clear that silver does not cause allergies, is excellent at disinfecting, promotes healing wounds, cleans water, strengthens the immune system.

It is symbolic that items from this healing metal is gifted to the babies. Unfortunately parents take it only as a symbol and hides spoon in a box at the back of the cupboard. In fact godparents gifting a silver spoon are wishing not only prosperity but also health, so you should allow the baby to use a silver spoon - with it eat everything starting from their first porridge. The godfathers duty is to see when child has outgrown silver spoon and every few years gift them bigger and bigger spoon.